What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening is a professional teeth whitening procedure performed using a high concentrated bleaching gel by skilled dentists at Aliso Niguel Dental Group. People undergo teeth whitening as means to cosmetically improve their appearance of the mouth, teeth and smile. Many drinks and foods we consume on a day to day basis can cause our dental enamels to turn to shades of yellow that cannot always be treated at home and as a result, can decrease a person’s confidence. Today, a number of teeth whitening products are sold in stores around the United States, but whitening using a high concentrated bleach gel proves to be more efficient when carried out by our team of dentists at the Aliso Niguel Dental Group. We offer a long-lasting, safe and certified dental procedure with our dentists providing personalized treatment plans to help patients regain their self-esteem through a beautiful, sparkling white smile.  Our dental practice promotes product safety and efficacy as a principal for good results with little to no side effects.

What is the procedure involved in Teeth Whitening at Aliso Niguel Dental Group?

Teeth whitening at Aliso Niguel Dental Group is an in-office procedure carried out by our team of dental professionals. To achieve better results, we may offer patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned and polished prior to undergoing professional whitening.A relatively high concentrated peroxide bleaching gel is applied on the surface of each tooth individually while the gums are covered with a protective gel for safety. Often a laser may be used to quickly process the speed of the whitening agent removing the stains from each tooth. The bleaching agent remains on the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes with an hour or less to allow the gel to break the bonds between the stained molecules resulting in a brighter smile. For a set of longer lasting white teeth a combination of in-office and at-home whitening methods will be necessary. We devise personalized treatment plans and discuss all expenses to commit to every patient’s needs.

What is the aftercare required for Teeth Whitening?

As with all dental procedures, in order for patients to prolong the results of their teeth whitening treatment they are encouraged to avoid consuming staining foods, liquids (e.g., tea, coffee, red wine)  and certain products, such as, tobacco. It is common for patients to feel some sensitivity after treatment which usually subsides within a week.
We recommend that patients maintain regular oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day as well as paying their dentists an annual dental visit for a professional cleaning to control any onset of the teeth staining.

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