Icon Infiltration Concept

What is the Icon Infiltration Concept?

The Icon Infiltration Concept (referred to as Icon) is a procedure which offers treatment for caries and white spot without the use of drilling thus preserving healthy tooth structure. At Aliso Niguel we take extreme measures in providing minimally invasive dental procedures to our patients. The Icon Infiltration Concept allows dental professionals to utilize a micro-invasive technology that enables caries to be filled and demineralized the enamel without drilling or anesthesia.

What are dental caries and white spot lesions?

Dental caries are more commonly referred to as tooth decay or cavities caused by a type of bacteria living in the mouth. Common symptoms of acquiring treatment for dental caries include; a toothache causing prolonged sensitivity when consuming hot or cold liquids or foods.
White spots, known as incipient lesions usually develop on the enamel of the tooth indicating the formation of tooth decay or the development of a cavity. White spot lesions usually occur due to enamel demineralization evident in areas where dental plaque has formed and comprise of an opaque, chalky-white appearance. Dental braces can cause the formation of white spot lesions since it can be difficult to clean the teeth when brackets are bonded to the teeth.

How is the procedure for Icon Infiltration Concept carried out at the Aliso Niguel Dental Group?

At Aliso Niguel Dental Group, dental professionals carry out the Icon Infiltration Concept procedure for dental caries and white spot lesions during one dental visit. By utilizing dental wedges the affected teeth are slightly separated to allow for proximal lesions. In order to open the pore system of the lesion, a 15 per cent HCL dental gel is applied to erode the surface area of the lesion. Subsequently, the pore system is dried using ethanol. By utilizing the application aid, the Icon is applied to the surface of the lesion during which a high penetration coefficient of the Icon resin allows it to infiltrate into the lesion pores. Following this, removal of excess material is done and the material is now light cured. The Icon procedure eliminates the ‘wait and see’ approach, allowing for immediate treatment without the use of anesthesia and drilling. At Aliso Niguel Dental Group, Icon offers both a restorative and cosmetic solution for carious white spot lesions improving the appearance of the mouth, teeth and smile.We believe that Icon is beneficial for our patients and promotes prolonged life expectancy of the tooth.

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