Dental Crowns Services in Aliso Viejo CA

What are Crowns?

Crowns are fixed dental prosthetics that are cemented onto the teeth. Dental crowns are tooth shaped porcelains caps that are used to cover a damaged tooth down to the gum line. Dental crowns are used to restore the appearance and functionality of the mouth, teeth and smile. Crowns may be needed for tooth decay, restoration of a broken tooth, a misshaped and discolored tooth.

What types of Crowns are available at Aliso Niguel Dental Group?

Aliso Niguel Dental Group offers crowns made from; stainless steel, metals including gold alloys or metal-based alloys, porcelain-fused-to-metal, acrylic, porcelain or ceramic. Gold alloys tend to be stronger than porcelain and are highly recommended for back teeth with porcelain and ceramic crowns recommended for matching the shade of color to the natural teeth.

What is the procedure undertaken for a Crown at the Aliso Niguel Dental Group?

Having a crown is highly effective since it can help the patient achieve their ideal smiles while also restoring the functionality of the teeth. Our skilled and compassionate team of dentists at Aliso Niguel prioritizes in utilizing effective tools to improve the overall appearance of the mouth, teeth and smile.

Before undergoing the procedure for a crown or bridge, the existing tooth or teeth need to be reduced in size so as to allow room for the crown to be placed accurately on the teeth with reduction of the teeth carried out removing a small amount of enamel. Dental x-rays are taken and impressions of the teeth are made to prepare an exact mold for the crown and sent to a dental lab with the specified dental material requested. If a porcelain crown is used, the correct shade is determined to match the colour of the patient’s natural teeth. During this time, a temporary crown will be placed to cover the prepared tooth or teeth in order to allow our patients to resume teeth functionality before permanent crown placement.

By practicing good oral hygiene crowns can last a lifetime. We help our patients in deciding the material best suited for their teeth based on the location, aesthetics considerations and treatment costs available ensuring that every patient has a chance to improve their smile.

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